Our Approach

For us, it’s about the idea. Campaigns, content, and all of our creations are only as strong as the initial idea. The tools and platforms we use to deliver our content are important too, but what’s most important is that you’re delivering the right stuff, to the right people. So we start with the idea.

From there, we make sure the idea is executed perfectly. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for the client. The same people coming up with the ideas are the same people writing the copy, and the same people holding the cameras, and the same people answering the phones. We stay involved the whole way, and try our best to keep red-tape and paperwork to a minimum, and just do good, honest work, that actually works.

What we offer under one roof

  • Social Media

    • • Campaign Creation
    • • Social Media Strategy
    • • Community Management
    • • Ad Placement Buying
    • • Reporting & Analysis
    • • Online Sales Funnel
  • Content

    • • Filmaking
    • • Creative Strategy
    • • Digital Storytelling
    • • Social Media Content
    • • Graphic Design
  • Strategy

    • • Campaign Strategy
    • • Digital Strategy
    • • Brand Strategy
    • • Content Strategy
    • • Influencer Strategy
  • Brand

    • • Campaign Creative
    • • Brand Story
    • • Art Direction
    • • Brand Development
    • • Copywriting

Our Story

Motion Sickness began in a poorly insulated student flat in Dunedin, back in 2012. The days were cold and the nights were hard to remember, but along the way something good happened. Near the end of 2013, Sam, Alex and Jono moved back up to Auckland, in search of creative agency glory, or at least some Pink Batts.

It was after this move that the social media strategy wing really started flying, and murmurs of Motion Sickness began circulating around the big smoke. The team has now grown from just three hungry lads to a full agency of ambitious creatives. The current studio is on Cross Street, in Central Auckland. The building is insulated, and there’s even a heat pump.

Photo of Sam


The head honcho of the pack, Sam honed his leadership skills as a motivational speaker and recreational hypnotist in Liverpool during the mid 1980's. Suffering from a very rare disorder, Sam is one of the few cases of 'Benjamin Button Syndrome' documented in the real world. He is 104 years old. Hobbies include Creative, Content Marketing, and 19th Century Russian cinema.

Photo of Alex


The head of the Social Media Department, this selfie king loves getting 'likes'. He has a newsfeed tattooed on his back. Macca once dreamed of being a lawyer, but gave that up when he realised that 'Law & Order SVU' isn't based on a true story. Also passionate about analytics and statistics, Macca presents an annual seminar entitled ‘Microsoft Excel & The Modern Man; I’ll Spread Your Sheet’.

Photo of Jono


Now the head of Art & Design at Motion Sickness, Jono was once an aspiring calligraphy artist, but was forced to give that up when his village ran out of ink. A self-confessed 'workaholic', Jono also runs a successful import / export business at the Otara markets, and moonlights as an Uber driver on weekends. On the last census, he listed ‘Percussion’ as his marital status, and ‘Adobe Creative Suite’ as his religion.

Photo of Sam


Liv’s dedication and passion for Social Media are unparalleled. She has successfully taught herself to speak 9 different languages in order to ‘widen her social reach’. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our posts are in English, rendering the last 14 years of Liv’s language studies to be, more or less, a complete waste of time. She stays positive, though, regularly explaining “guys, hindi mo alam” which she claims is Filipino for “guys, you never know”.

Photo of Alex


Having been an integral part of many successful start-ups in the past, Sammy is beyond his years (49 human ones) in experience. A charismatic chap, with an excellent speaking bark, he is a fantastic motivator, and sound source of advice. Sammy is passionate about all facets of business, though it’s finances and creative accounting that really get his tail wagging.

Photo of Jono


Hilary’s career in Social Media began when she uploaded a video to YouTube of her tabby cat attempting to use a straw to drink his milk. The video went viral, turning Hilary and Mr. Fluffles into overnight stars. Hilary has now turned her attention to the other side of social media, claiming it is ‘more sustainable’. Mr Fluffles is still chasing stardom, but has never been able to achieve the same notoriety that the straw once brought him.

Photo of Jordan


Specialising in portraiture, Jordan began his photography career as the local photographer for the Takapuna Mall Santa display. Unfortunately, this only provided a couple of months of work per year, so while passionate about the gig, he eventually had to leave the elf costume behind, and diversify. Jordan has since become a valued creative at Motion Sickness, focusing more on Social Media, and less on trying to capture Santa’s good side.

Photo of Madeline


Photo of Alex


A student of the great Swami Sivananda, Rocky is an empowered marketer by-day, and an enlightened guru by-night. His presence is always felt around the office, with co-workers explaining “I dunno, he just kinda glows”. Rocky leads daily yoga sessions in the boardroom at lunch time. His favourite pose is downward dog.