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Making it rain for
blunt umbrellas


Blunt has re-defined the Umbrella, by making one that actually does what it’s supposed to do. Our work with the Blunt team is focused on leveraging social media to grow both brand awareness and online sales. Virtually everyone that purchases a Blunt becomes a strong advocate, recommending them to their family and friends. It’s our job to find these potential advocates, and get an Umbrella in their hand as soon as possible.

Getting Wind of Blunt

Over the last six months, Blunt’s social channels have grown significantly, helping to broaden the community and establish brand advocates around the world. We produced original creative consisting of video, gif and still photography content to help communicate the unique brand story. For such a design-led brand we needed to make sure our content had a strong and striking aesthetic. To ensure relevancy of content for the viewer, strategic targeting plays a vital role in who sees what, and when. The end of 2016 saw one of our videos go viral, with 5.1 million views on Facebook.

510,000 2.1m 46%
NZ Social Reach Impressions Increase in
social fans


In addition to brand growth, we are also using social media as a primary tool to generate online sales across Blunt’s full range of Umbrellas. Our Direct Response marketing strategy allows us to track exactly which parts of our social activity are providing the best ROI, down to the individual ad. Over a three month period, we have experienced a 102% increase in online sales revenue as a direct result of our social media activity.

350% 5.1m 93%
Increase in
Online Sales
Video views on
seeded viral video
Increase in online
orders from social


A Blunt Umbrella, designed by Dick Frizzell and in partnership with Oxfam NZ provided a great opportunity to combine our brand and sales focus into a single campaign. The creative leading the campaign took the form of a video, featuring Dick Frizzell explaining the Umbrella he designed and his feelings towards Blunt as a company and team. The video was supported with supplementary photography and other imagery showcasing the limited edition brolly in all its glory.

We were stoked to see the Umbrella sell out in 5 days, with the video hitting 32,000 views in the same time frame.

5 $100,000+ $40,000
days to sell out
all 1000
in online
raised for oxfam nz