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making History
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Jim Beam is a classic, world renowned brand, but they know that in order to stay at the front of the pack they need to think outside the box. They challenge us to do things a little differently - without losing sight of what's at the core of their brand. Our goal is simple; foster a community of loyal Jim Beam fans and convert those edging on its borders. Perks of working with the Worlds #1 Bourbon brand? We can now tell a whisky from a whiskey from a bourbon whiskey. Sort of.


Jim Beam has a generous portfolio of premium goods, and they're not afraid to introduce new products on the regular. To support campaigns, regular content needs to be simple and engaging. We often pick from a bunch of cool global creative, but we also shoot a fair bit of social content ourselves. We make sure our localised content is just as striking as the best of global. Strong content along with strategic distribution helps narrate the Jim Beam story on a weekly basis.

Jim Beam

Our first campaign with Jim Beam was a fresh take on an earlier activation campaign, tried and tested by our Aussie neighbours. They wanted us to amp it up a notch, optimise it digitally and relaunch it on our shores. The main goal was to drive sales, using the in-store activation - personalising your Jim Beam bottle with your nickname - as the dangling carrot.

We had three components. An app pinpointed on a map the exact stores across the country who were currently hosting a Jim Beam kiosk. We created demand by only uploading stores on a weekly basis. Geographically targeted ads instructed audiences where to be and at what time. A chance to feature as one of the illustrated Jim Beam legends (both digitally and in the form of a customised flask) helped foster buyer incentive.

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The response to the campaign was strong, with hundreds of photo uploads, and thousands of comments on posts. People were tagging their mates, family members and workmates. Fans shared their nickname stories, showcased their man caves featuring the customised bottles, and told their reasons for getting the labels - 21st birthday parties, anniversary gifts, and simply 'just because'.

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We introduced Jim Beam to the likes of influencer marketing by partnering them up with a group of well known Kiwi personalities. They were after a few big fish and a couple of guppies, so we approached people with varied weight in following and engagement. The likes of Jimi Jackson and Jupiter Project helped secure the Jim Beam White persona and drive people in store.


Team Beam know a good thing when they see one. The campaign has made so much noise that they’ve decided to keep it going a little while longer. So far we’ve had over one million impressions, seen epic levels of interaction, maintained an incredibly low cost per engagement and driven those results into store. We’re stoked, but are celebrating responsibly...

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